These courses are not NAMI Signature programs. They are offered by outside organizations but may be beneficial to you.

DBT-Based Coping Skills:  A 10 week skills-based program for families living with individuals diagnosed with a mental illness.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is recognized as the gold standard for treating anyone who is suicidal, regardless of the diagnosis. Its goal is to help individuals change behaviors, emotions, thinking and interpersonal patterns that cause misery and distress.

Why DBT for families matters

DBT helps family members respond more effectively to their loved ones by increasing:

  • Mindfulness skills.  Our ability to be in touch with ourselves and others. 
  • Emotion regulations skills.  Our ability to manage difficult or extreme emotions.  Emotional resilience.
  • Interpersonal communication skills.  Our ability to maintain and improve our relationships
  • Distress tolerance skills.  Our ability to survive crisis situations without making things worse.

The class is not intended to be therapy.

What you will get from this 10-week class

  • Greater flexibility

  • Reduced stress
  • Greater appreciation for the suffering of your loved one

What people are saying:

  • I learned to handle emotions in the moment without losing myself and my dignity
  • It gave me inner peace, a calm in life, and HOPE
  • I gained the ability to embrace other viewpoints while simultaneously being able to get my position across
  • I learned techniques for handling my anger
  • Greater insight into my own impulses and biases

DBT-Based Coping Skills meets: Classes are held at the NAMI Rochester Office, 320 N. Goodman St., Suite 102 or 103, Rochester, NY  14607

There is a cost per person which is determined prior to enrollment. Payment covers the cost of the book used in the course.

For all additional  information: Email Amy Baker: