Many resources on this site include accommodations for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. (For example, several class and program overviews are presented in ASL.) In addition, we are developing additional resources, listed below. 

We are committed to making our programs and resources available to everyone. If you need an interpreter or other accommodation, please let us know.

Our Stories

 Captioned video logs of D/HH people or family members talking about their experiences with mental illness. 

How We Developed

Although Rochester, New York has the highest number of deaf people per capita, mental health services for this population is limited. The need for ensuring that deaf and hard-of-hearing (D/HH) people have access to mental health services inspired NAMI Rochester to work with Meghan Fox, PsyD. LMHC (member of the Board of Directors) and D/HH community members to seek local resources to do just that. The Monroe County Office of Mental Health generously allocated funds to support the development of making NAMI Rochester programs accessible to underserved populations including D/HH communities. Chaired by Meghan Fox, PsyD., LMHC, the Underserved Populations Committee (UPC) was established during the summer of 2017 and it consists of people who represent and interface with integral parts of the deaf community. The goals of the UPC are to educate NAMI personnel about working with deaf people, to make the NAMI website, materials and programs accessible to D/HH people, and to conduct outreach with the Deaf community including education about mental illness and the supports available to them in the community.

The UPC meets monthly to work on the goals, plan events, develop grant applications, and more. Three subcommittees work separately as well, to plan and implement website development, cultural competency training, and outreach initiatives. 

It is the ultimate mission of the Underserved Populations Committee to create complete access to all of NAMI materials, events, support groups, and resources for the deaf community. The UPC is enthusiastic about continuing to thrive as a critical part of NAMI’s phenomenal efforts to support individuals who struggle with mental illness and their families.

NAMI Mission

This video is about NAMI Mission

Are there directions on how to get to NAMI Rochester?

Directions to NAMI Roc


Mental Health Information

Educational captioned video logs describing mental illnesses (e.g. depression, anxiety, etc.)

NAMI Programs

Peer-to-Peer Education Program

This video is about NAMI: Peer to Peer

Family-to-Family Education Program

This video is about Family to Family

Connection Support Group

This video is about NAMI Connection

NAMI Events

NAMI Walks Rochester Basket Donation

May 5th, 2018

NAMI Walks Rochester Basket Donation.jpg


Themed Chinese Auction basket donated by the Undeserved Populations Committee.

NAMI Walks Rochester 2018

May 5th, 2018

From left to right: Robert Tawney, Susan Ogden, Mistie Munton, Meghan Fox, Denise Fry, Sam Dien & Patrick Sullivan 

NAMI Walks Video

May 5th, 2018

NAMI Annual Dinner 2018

April 10th, 2018

Undeserved populations Committee Members attend the 2018 NAMI Rochester Annual Banquet. Many thanks to Luis Martinez for donating the table. 

From left to right: Luis Martinez, Mistie Munton, Bryan Lloyd, Meghan Fox, Susan Ogden, Diana Pryntz, Pat Sullivan & Sam Dien

Trainings & Other Materials

Downloadable version of the Deaf 101 Power Point, and others to come. 


East House Celebration of Hope & Recovery Luncheon

September 27, 2018


From Left to right: Diana Pryntz, Marlee Matlin, Robert Tawney & Meghan Fox


From Left to Right: Mistie Munton, Denise Fry, Meghan Fox, Robert Tawney, Diana Pryntz, & Bryan Lloyd


Deaf 101 Training

July 16, 2018


Deaf 101 Video

July 16th, 2018