Many resources on this site include accommodations for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. (For example, several class and program overviews are presented in ASL.) In addition, we are developing additional resources, listed below. 

We are committed to making our programs and resources available to everyone. If you need an interpreter or other accommodation, please let us know.

Our Stories

 Captioned video logs of D/HH people or family members talking about their experiences with mental illness. 

How We Developed

 Video log and a paragraph describing the Underserved Populations Committee, how it came to be, our goals, etc. 

Mental Health Information

Educational captioned video logs describing mental illnesses (e.g. depression, anxiety, etc.)

NAMI Programs

Video logs describing NAMI's programs 

NAMI Events

Video logs describing NAMI's events  (e.g. Walk, Jessica Henderson event, etc.)

Trainings & Other Materials

Downloadable version of the Deaf 101 Power Point, and others to come. 

Our Collaborators/Partners

Names of & Links to other D/HH organizations we are collaborating with.