What is Family Consultation?

A service designed to provide information, support and practical guidance for family members of people that have been diagnosed with a mental illness. The focus is on the needs of the family and how they can assist their loved one with accessing and maintaining their recovery and treatment goals. At the same time, it is important for family members to understand the Emotional Stages that they face and how to take care of themselves.

Family Consultations are:

  • Provided by a family member with the lived experiences. There are occasions where a professional may be contacted/invited to offer their expertise.

  • Available immediately. Participants don’t have to wait for a group/class to begin.

  • Flexibility in the meeting arrangements: number of sessions, length of time etc.

  • Cost is free for the family member

  • Not therapy

  • Person with the mental illness (Peer)  is not included in this consultation. Peer consultations can be scheduled separately.

 Family Consultation often involves providing family members with the following:

  • Information about a loved one’s mental health problems including information about causes, treatments and other services. Typically, information related to the questions family members want answered.

  • Practical Guidance that is related to how family members may support their loved one’s treatment and service plan goals.

  • Support as it relates to addressing stigma and how a loved one’s mental health problems have affected the lives of family members. 

  • NAMI Resources that involves informing and assisting family members to make use of NAMI Signature programs.

  • Community Resources that involves informing and assisting family members to find other resources/agencies who can provide housing, vocational, legal, benefits counseling, future care planning, substance use treatment, mental health treatment, crisis intervention, social opportunities , etc.

Email NAMI Rochester at or call 585-423-1593 for more information or to schedule an appointment. You could also fill out a form below and you will be contacted to determine a good day and time to meet for a consultation.


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