Everyone's experience with mental illness is different. Whether you have been diagnosed with an illness, are a family member/caregiver of someone with a diagnosis, or just interested in learning more, NAMI Rochester is here to provide the information, support, and resources you need. Our programs, support groups, and classes are no-cost, thanks to the support of our members and donors. So we encourage you to explore the descriptions on this site and then try one of them. Our staff and volunteers have personal experience with mental illness, either as a peer or a family member. We can provide you with the direction and assistance you need to access the most appropriate community resources, in addition to our on-site support and educational programs. 

If you have a mental illness…

If your loved one has a mental illness…

If you are deaf or hard-of-hearing…

For the Community, Schools, and Providers



Click any toolkit below that you may be interested in. Read and explore information that could be beneficial to families, friends, peers (individuals living with mental illness), students, teachers, health professionals and more!

Navigating a Mental Health Crisis: A NAMI Resource Guide for those Experiencing a Mental Health Emergency


Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools


Starting the conversation: College and Your Mental Health


Circle of Care: A Guidebook for Mental Health Caregivers


Older Adults Living with Serious Mental Illness