We deeply appreciate the generosity of anyone able to contribute to our work. A few specific opportunities are described below, and we would love to speak with you about any other ways you'd like to donate. Giving a tax-deductible gift is a great way to ensure that NAMI is able to continue working for people affected by mental illness.

NAMI Rochester is a nonprofit 501©3 organization. Your donation will be used to provide Support, Education and Advocacy to individuals and families affected by mental illness.

United Way

NAMI Rochester is a United Way Donor Designator Agency. Select #1501 (Alliance On Mental Illness) when you make a contribution to the United Way.


NAMI Rochester is a participating agency of the Greater Rochester State Employees Federated Appeal, #66-0944.

Amazon Smile

Use this link or click on the small Amazon icon at the bottom of our site to connect your Amazon purchases to benefit NAMI Rochester. Thank you!



Going Once… Going Twice… Sold!

NAMI Rochester is partnering with Cottone Auction Gallery to provide individuals a unique opportunity to donate items such as antiques, artwork, jewelry, coins, sports and celebrity memorabilia to support the mission of NAMI Rochester.

Proceeds from the sale of donated item(s) will go directly to NAMI Rochester to help support the educational programming and advocacy efforts that benefits all those living with mental illness.  This program will not only help support our local NAMI Affiliate, but will also provide individuals the convenience and flexibility to make tax-deductible property donations to a noble cause.

If you would like support NAMI Rochester by participating in this program here is the process. 

  • Submit digital photos and a brief description of each item to be donated via email to matt@CottoneAuctions.com

  • The item(s) will then be evaluated by the professional appraisers at Cottone Auction.

  • An auction estimate will be provided to the donor by Cottone Auction Gallery. It is at this point that Cottone Auction will advise the donor if the item can be accepted into this donations program. .

  • If the item(s) is accepted, an auction agreement will be submitted to the donor. Once the agreement is finalized and the item(s) is received by Cottone Auction Gallery the item(s) will included in an upcoming auction.

  • Upon the successful sale of the item(s), NAMI Rochester will receive the proceeds of the sale, less a modest processing fee*.

  • NAMI Rochester will provide the donor a written verification of the donation of the item(s) and the selling price for tax purposes.

*Cottone Auction Gallery standard fee for auctioning items on consignment is 10% of the sale price. 


Planned Giving and Endowment Gifts

Leaving a Legacy of Hope

By making a planned gift in your estate planning you can help to insure that the support and advocacy provided by NAMI Rochester will continue for the benefit of future generations who will seek help, reassurance and understanding as they cope with a mental illness diagnosis.

A memorial gift to NAMI Rochester can be a truly meaningful and appropriate way to mark the passing of a family member or friend. Whether to memorialize someone who has passed away or to honor someone who has played an important role in your life, a legacy gift is a wonderful tribute.

Please contact our office if you would like more information about planned giving and endowment gifts.


Advocate With Us

Advocate for Change and Equity

As you would expect, advocacy for improved care and equitable funding for services to support all those affected by mental illness must occur on the national, state and local levels. If you are interested in adding your voice to these important efforts, please contact our office.


Grant a Wish

Help With a Specific Need

Every non-profit organization has a wish list of items that would benefit the delivery of services and programs but never seem to make it into the annual budget; and NAMI Rochester is no exception. If you would like to help our organization in a very hands-on tangible way, contact our office for the most recent items on our Wish List. Thank you!