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July 2019

Dear Friends,

The older I get, the more I subscribe to the belief that connection is the antidote to nearly all of our daily human struggles. At the root of most suicidal behavior and actions is a feeling that there is nothing left to live for -- no hope and no chance that things will get better.  For some, the power of a phone call, a text or a sticky note taped on the bathroom mirror can be literally life-saving. 

Suicide rates in our community are rising, particularly with our young people.  Nationwide, over 17 percent of US high school students say they have thought of suicide, more than 13 percent say they have a suicide plan, and 7.4 percent have attempted suicide in the past year.  The statistics in Monroe County are, sadly, no more optimistic.   

Suicide is a public health crisis.  Like any other public health issue, the solution is not simple or well-defined.  It is incumbent upon our entire community – suicide attempt survivors, families, central support people, doctors, researchers, mental-health professionals, school administrators, teachers, parents – to demand that resources are dedicated to prevention and education.

I am proud to announce that Partners for Suicide Prevention (P4SP) is now a program of NAMI Rochester.  P4SP formed in 2016 when a group of concerned citizens gathered to address the rising number of reported attempts and lives lost to suicide in Monroe County.  Since then, P4SP has partnered with leading organizations dedicated to providing mental health and addiction services in our community.

Founding P4SP Members include:  Monroe County Office of Mental Health, 211/Lifeline, Mental Health Association, Stop the Stigma ROC, East House, Delphi Rise, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention WNY, Lifespan and Hillside Family of Agencies.  All have joined forces with NAMI Rochester to shed light on this crisis and prevent future tragedies. 

We cannot do this work without your support. Our nationally accredited programs for middle and high school students, parents and staff are in higher demand than ever.   We are doing groundbreaking work with college students and administrators at all of our local institutions.

 Please consider a gift today to help us continue our lifesaving work with young people. Together, we can end stigma and save lives.

 With gratitude,

Heather Newton, Executive Director

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