Stacy has a heart as big as Lake Ontario. Especially when it comes to family. So when three of her five adopted children received diverse mental health diagnoses, including bipolar disorder, she wanted to get help as a family. With NAMI Rochester as a partner, they continue to learn about the many factors of accepting the journey of mental health.

As a result, her daughter now volunteers for NAMI’s Peer to Peer and In Our Own Voice classes which give her the opportunity to speak about her diagnosis to area students.


Bill has found a supportive mental health partner in NAMI Rochester. It has provided a network of support he has come to believe in so much so that he helps out in just about every way possible. From being a member, to active trainer, and by taking the reins of leadership to ensure that the structure of the organization keeps evolving into the future.

Building and maintaining the invaluable services NAMI offers is not just a positive outlet for Bill, but also a way of life.


David often goes to the woods to find solace. So it was hard when a family member was unable to find the same balance because of their mental health diagnosis. Then David and his family found NAMI Rochester and the Family-to-Family class which improves the coping and problem-solving abilities for caregivers.

Through his own journey of independence and recovery, he was inspired to become a speaker for the programs Ending The Silence and In Your Own Voice throughout area schools. He loves the challenge of removing stigmas, getting people talking, and helping fellow caregivers find the support they need.


Karen has deep roots in Rochester’s mental health community. NAMI Rochester has become her second family in seeking her own support and has inspired her to become a peer and advocate in return. Both personally and professionally, she is constantly striving for balance not just in her own life, but in helping many, many others to do the same.

Removing the stigma and sharing a world of support is all in a day’s work for Karen.